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3 Things To Consider When Redesigning Your Website

Web Design

So you need to redevelop your website – maybe because it looks like a murdered cat or a 1990′s pron site. Maybe your website just has never done anything particularly beneficial for your company in terms of generating new business.

The great benefit to being in the position of needing to redesign your website is that you have already been at that rodeo. You have experience with dealing with an assortment of designers the first time around will help you make an informed decision on who the best web design companies are this time out. You should have a fairly accurate conception about what is required from you and from them.

Also you will already have most of your content ready to go for the new website which is usually the most time consuming chunk of work.  However this experience shouldn’t lure you into a false sense of security. There are 3 main, other, factors you should really consider when choosing who to do the work for you.

1 – Search Engine Optimisation

Nowadays SEO is an integral part of web design. Absolutely every charlatan and cowboy/girl out there who claims to be a web designer will tell you that they will perform SEO for you as part of your web design build. However, what does it mean? What is SEO? Sure we all know the letters stand for Search Engine Optimisation but what are they ACTUALLY going to do by way of optimising your website for search?

Search Engine Optimisation is not magic or rocket science. Simply ask your proposed designer for a list of every task they will complete for you in the name of optimising your website for the search engines. Are they going to setup Google Analytics and Web Master Tools for you? What pages are they actively going to optimise? What will they do? Once you have these lists’ from the various web design agencies you at least will be able to begin to compare like with like.

2 – Usability

If you have had a website up and running for a while you should have some analytical data to look at to see what people have been doing on your website. What were they looking for? What pages did they visit? Can you determine what the 5 most important pieces of information people look for on your website? For example if you are a make up artist, one of those things would probably be pictures of previous work you’ve done.

The aim of great usability is to create a website that gets people to the information they need as quickly as possible whilst providing a stress free, enjoyable experience up until then.

3 – Design

The least important element (but always the most favoured by clients) is Design. Probably because they can understand what they like the look of whereas SEO and Usability seem like things more difficult to get your teeth into.

Design decisions should NOT be based solely on what you the business owner likes the look of. They should be based on what your target demographic find aesthetically pleasing as they will be the people using your website. So if your target market is 9 year old kids then your look and feel will be substantially different than if you service lawyers primarily.

5 Power Tool Saftey Steps

power tool setSo you’ve bought yourself some new toys *cough*… sorry I meant tools. In fact you’ve gone and found some power tools for sale and bought them! Now its time to get them dirty! But before whipping out your new circular saw and cutting that piece of timber within an inch of its life, we need to cover some essential safety tips. Safety should always come first.

The reality of D.I.Y. today is that it can be amazingly fun and even easy once you have the right tools for the job. Power tools often times can make light work of jobs that would otherwise take multiple people many times as long to complete. The downside to this power is that the tools can be exceedingly dangerous if not used correctly with the right safety measures being observed. Accidents usually occur due to negligence or complacency due to overconfidence or boredom.

The following safety tips should always be observed whilst using power tools:

 1. Safety glasses:

Safety glasses are not hip looking but they will prevent you getting harmful dust, metal and wood splinters etc into the eyes. The most basic piece of safety equipment that should always be used when working with power tools.

2. Protection for the ears:

Power tools can be loud, particularly any hammer action power tools designed for working with concrete. The enclosed environment you may be working in in your workshop or building may sound louder because of the echo’s and sound reverberation. To minimise the damage to your ears, it is advisable to wear earplugs or ear cans.

3. Using the right tool for the job:

It is important to use the right tool for whatever the job of work you are trying to complete. This will drastically reduce the odds of an injury to oneself or harm coming to your building materials. To this end, it is advisable to thoroughly read the instruction manuals provided with the equipment.

4. Wear the right clothes for the job:

Long hair should be tied for better safety and viability. Loose or very light weight clothing should NOT be worn. The entire body should be covered by clothing that is protective in nature. If working with any sharp implements, concrete, or timber protective “heavy” gloves should be used to prevent damage to your hands.

Masks, Steel-toed boots and hard hats should also be worn if appropriate.

5. Tool inspection:

Power tools should not be used in wet conditions and care should always be taken to ensure that the power tools are never dipped in water.

All power tools should be checked from time to time for an eroded cabling that may eventual lead to exposed wiring or a damaged plug. If your power cord has gotten a nick in it, you can tape it up with electrical tape, however if a cut seems to be more than just superficial you should replace your cord immediately.

If any of your tools get damaged (i.e. if it sounds or feels different when used) should be checked and fixed or replaced.


Teeth Whitening Gear


People have always wanted to look their best. No matter what types of relationship and interactions you have with other people, having a great and gleaming smile is the best thing you can have to look attractive. This article is all about the best teeth whitening products, so if you want a whiter, brighter smile read on for illumination!

Lets be real: yellow teeth make you look like a hobo – unclean, and with serious hygiene questions. And nizzle that’s only the first impression problem. If you think that manky teeth send the wrong signals, picture this: You approach a man or woman and ask for his or her number. Right as that person opens their mouth, you are surprised to see dark yellow teeth. Imagine how you feel….is it more or less likely to want to kiss that person?

In a more professional environment, yellow teeth may show your client that you do not take particularly good care of yourself. If you are not willing to take care of yourself, how can your client have any confidence that you will take care of them?

Let’s take a look at what you can do to take better care of your teeth, and as a side effect feel better about yourself and by virtue of that become more confident.

Professional Teeth Whitening

This is the best option by a long stretch but its also by far the most expensive. A visit to a dental professional for teeth whitening can cost around $600 to $900 at the very least. To make matter worse there is an extremely high chance that your medical insurance will not cover this procedure because it is cosmetic. Teeth Whitening Dublin cost anywhere between €700 and €1,200.

DIY Teeth Whitening

This is the cheapest way to try to get white teeth however the down side is that it takes discipline, is less effective and takes longer. Despite the drawbacks a quick Google search of the Interweb will show you that there are plenty of people who believe that these home teeth whitening kits do work.

The most common place home remedy for getting whiter teeth is to brush with baking soda. The problem with this method is that baking soda tastes like ass and is very slow acting.

You can however purchase a “Professional Teeth Whitening Kit”. This is the 2nd cheapest way to whiten your teeth after the aforementioned baking soda. Kits usually come with an applicator and the product. Most products take around 7 to 14 days to begin to see results, so give it a whirl chico.

If you are looking for a professional home kit for teeth whitening in Dublin

Oil Painting Framing Gear

framing-2011So you’ve spotted the most beautiful piece of wall art you have ever seen – perhaps a richly textured oil painting but it is simply pinned to a board. You decide to buy it but what then…when you get home? Do you drop it in to be framed in a framing place and take the fleecing the framers give you on the chin?

Or perhaps it would be better to buy some tools and timber and give creating a frame a go yourself.

As you can see from the image on the right picture framing tools these days come in many different shapes and sizes and do quite a bit more than the old gear framers used to use.

For example check out the Race Knives below. Race Knives were used for making circles and a number of other things.




So what do you think – are you brace enough to try and create your own frame??


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